If Burrow Global must choose between quality, schedule, and cost, we choose quality. Quality doesn’t happen by chance. It takes a combination of dedicated employees with the right tools and skill sets, attentive management, and a strong, clear quality program.

Burrow Global strives to achieve error‐free engineering, procurement, and construction deliverables every time. Our comprehensive Committed to Quality (C2Q) Program defines our approach and is managed by a Senior Quality Manager. Within each office, Burrow Global has identified quality managers who work with project managers in various ways to assist in project specific quality program implementation and adherence.

What Sets Us Apart?

Positive reinforcement comes from our C2Q program, which recognizes a quality-committed employee every month. Our team understands that quality begins at inception, and adherence to our rigorous Quality Management System ensures that we strive to achieve error-free deliverables each and every time.


Clients have many choices of engineering services providers. Burrow Global chooses to differentiate our performance by the quality of our service.

We are aware of how our interactions affect a client’s confidence and choices and how our clients pay attention to the behaviors that BG puts into practice.


Burrow Global strives to be prompt in delivering services. This behavior ranges from answering questions, returning email and phone calls, and ensuring communication is a priority.

Our focus is to ensure that all of our attention is on the client.


Our legacy of ethical behavior gives clients the confidence that we will act as impartial service providers.

We are owner-focused with the mindset that we will deliver on our commitments and meet our clients’ expectations. It is essential to Burrow Global that we deliver technically sound projects each and every time.