Culture is the character of Burrow Global. It’s what makes our business stand out from competitors. At its core our culture is a reflection of our values, behaviors, traditions and attitudes, and is that of an environment that fosters innovative thinking and continuous improvement at all levels.

Always, Safety First!

Safety and respect for health and environment are core values within the Burrow Global Services (BGS) team. These values guide all of our work from initial feasibility studies through design, construction, commissioning and continued services. Keeping people safe and allowing them to return safely to their families each day is the most important measure of success.

We strive to:

  • Be a PEOPLE-FOCUSED company
  • Be a best-in-class specialty EPC company
  • Have an owner/operator focus
  • Have a documented / proven track record of continuous performance improvement

Burrow Global’s community involvement also promotes our company values. We have found that by engaging in community involvement on a regular basis, we foster a positive workplace culture and build strong relationships with our local communities.